24 km from Tallinn
300 meters from the sea
Renovated in 2016
Area of 1.2 ha

Türisalu puhkebaas

is not just another ordinary recreation centre

It is also a first-class complex of sport facilities designed to cater for the needs of athletes who practice martial arts.

Türisalu Puhkebaas was renovated in 2016; the area of the premises amounts to 1.2 ha.


The campus features two accommodation compounds,

one larger then the other.

Sleeping accommodation for a total of 65 guests.
The recreation centre premises feature:

The large accommodation compound

  • a two-bedroom apartment for coaches (kitchen, bathroom, toilet, 2 bedrooms, walk-in wardrobe, washing machine, Tv-set)
  • 11 rooms (44 beds)
    dining room
  • shared washrooms and toilets (men’s and women’s)
  • a washing machine
  • dressing rooms
The recreation centre premises feature:

The small accommodation compound

  • 4 twin rooms
  • 2 triple rooms
  • sauna with a dressing-room
  • 2 shared toilet and shower units
  • volleyball court
  • pull-up bars and implements for strength training
  • a large gym hall with judo mats on the floor. There are also punchbags and an exercise machine for strength training
  • a Ping-Pong table
  • a football field (50 m from the recreation centre)
  • fabulous beach
  • Keila Joa waterfall (2 km from the recreation centre)
  • Türisalu cliff (500 m from the recreation centre)
  • running tracks in the forest belt along the seashore
  • picnic sites (with charcoal grills etc.)
  • free private parking lot
  • free Wi-Fi

We hope you find all the information

we have provided useful.

We are looking forward to working with you! Welcome!

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We provide not only balanced diet for sportsmen, but also we provide a breakfast to hotel visitors.
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Qualified personnel are employed to ensure that the premises of the recreation centre are always spotlessly clean and in order.
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Introductory visit

We are happy to invite you for an introductory visit, which will allow you to see our recreation centre Türisalu Puhkebaas.

How can you contact us?

Otitooma tee 20, 76706 Türisalu, Eesti

Open GPS travel guide

+372 524-3114


Smoking or drinking alcohol is forbidden in the entire area of the recreation centre!